About us

Who we are

IOT offers our business partners the technology and services they need to manufacture the best lenses in the world.

We do this by providing support through each step of the product creation process, from inception, development and design, through laboratory processing and go-to market strategy. We offer our partners direct access to our highly qualified team including our marketers, educators, technicians, scientists and engineers. This unique approach allows our customers to utilize IOT as an extension of their own businesses.

Our offerings include:
  • Our story...

    …began in 2005. our founders, two professors of the University Complutense of Madrid and Daniel Crespo, now president of IOT, recognized the potential of new technology and know-how to provide unique solutions for the lens industry. Their desire to bring innovative technologies to optical laboratories was the origin of IOT. Today IOT is an independent company that values creativity and delivers superior solutions to the lens industry worldwide.

    In the beginning, IOT focused its efforts on creating our own state-of-the-art technology for the design and calculation of free-form personalized ophthalmic lenses.

    After launching the first version of our fully flexible lens design software in 2008, IOT became known as a leading private-label provider, offering a reliable partnership to our customers all around the world and contributing to their success through constant R&D and innovation.

    In 2010, we opened our North American headquarters, IOT America, in sunny southern California and partnered with Younger Optics  to expand business worldwide, opening the door to create revolutionary new products together.

    IOT has a truly global presence and four technology centers. IOT’s offices, located in Madrid, Spain, and Torrance, California, have technical services facilities and the ability to conduct on-site wearer trials. IOT also has an advanced lens laboratory in Madrid, Spain, and a new manufacturing facility for high value photochromic lenses in USA.

    Latest technological milestones

    • 2014
      Camber™ Lens SeriesA premium family of progressive lenses with a unique architecture. The front surface of the Camber™ lens blank provides the ideal base curve offering unbeatable vision quality.
    • 2015
      Ultimate FreeStyleA patient lifestyle application designed to gather lifestyle information and provide lenses that are truly personalized to each wearer’s individual needs.
    • 2016
      Neochromes Dynamic®IOT’s first lens blanks. These photochromic lenses change from dark to clear up to 2x faster than other lenses on the market.
      Smart Add TechnologyGreater comfort while viewing digital devices.
    • 2017
      Camber™ SteadyA premium general-purpose progressive lens developed using an innovative patented methodology called Steady which dramatically reduces lateral distortions and improved image stability.
    • 2018
      inMotion™ LensesThe first driving progressive and single vision lenses to feature a special zone to help reduce night myopia.
    • 2019
      EVOlens®A system that objectively creates the ideal progressive lens for each patient by considering previous patient’s feedback, expectations and lifestyle.
      IOT Neochromes®New light activated lenses IOT Neochromes®, are crystal clear indoors, darken in seconds, and return to their un-activated state in 3-minutes.
    • 2020
      Digital Ray Path® 2A new and improved foundational technology that, in addition to mathematically minimizing oblique aberrations, adds the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation, which allows to focus at different distances with great precision and create unprecedented lenses.
      IOT Endless® lensesState-of-the-art single vision lens specially designed for those who do not have symptoms of eyestrain and who are looking for a lens that allows them to carry out their everyday activities.
      IOT Endless® Plus lensesLatest generation of anti-fatigue single vision lens specially designed for those who suffer from eyestrain and who repeatedly use digital devices.

What makes IOT unique



IOT’s product and service model is incredibly flexible. We adapt to our partners´ needs and create solutions that fit within their strategies and specifications. Our extraordinarily customized solutions guarantee differentiation for our partners. We are always aligned with them, sharing a common goal and building a relationship based on listening and respect.


As a small independent company, we don’t have the restrictions or limitations of a large corporation. IOT is a truly innovative partner that provides practical solutions to bring our partners products with added value. We never directly compete with our laboratory or retail customers. We don’t believe the ophthalmic lens industry benefits from the consolidation that has resulted in an industry dominated by “a few giants.” We believe in diversifying our ideas and products to allow every IOT partner to be successful through differentiation.



At IOT honesty and transparency are central to our business and evident in everything we do, most especially our approach to the market. Our best products are always available for partners to utilize as private-label brands. We reserve nothing for our own exclusive use.


IOT is driven by innovation. Over 50% of our employees work in research and development or technical roles. We believe having access to fast innovation is the best way for you, our partners, to differentiate and thrive in a highly integrated and competitive business environment.


We believe in the power of amazing people. At IOT we work hard to make sure we hire the best people and keep them happy so they can take care of you. Our business partners have direct access to our highly qualified and experienced team including our scientists, engineers, optometrists, opticians, and marketers. We provide all the expertise our partners need to create successful products and strategies for their businesses.


At IOT we work in close proximity to our partners. This allows us to share achievements and tackle challenges together. We are always accessible and fully dedicated to your business. We function best as members of your own team, helping you achieve your goals through customized solutions. For our partners, working with IOT is a truly unique experience.


IOT is a financially sound, independently owned company. Our greatest commitment is not to shareholders or banks, but rather to our partners. We strive to give all our partners, regardless of size, access to the newest and best technologies, as well as the support they need to be successful. No other optical suppliers provide this unique combination of technology, service, and dedication to your business.