Digital Ray-Path 2

Pushing the limits of geometry in lens personalization

Digital Ray-Path® is the foundational technology used by IOT to minimize oblique aberrations in personalized and compensated free-form lenses. Its evolution, Digital Ray-Path® 2, adds the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation to the calculation methodology.

Features and benefits

Lenses with Digital Ray-Path® 2 give eyecare professionals the ability to offer their patients the latest in lens personalization technology from IOT. A unique technology to help them differentiate their businesses.

  • Minimizes the effect of oblique aberrations by considering the wearer’s natural accommodation
  • Optimized for the wearer’s entire accommodative object space
  • Precise and comfortable focus at all working distances in any direction of gaze
  • Virtual elimination of peripheral blur
  • Automatic centering for thickness reduction
  • Customized for the individual parameters of each wearer, material, base curve, and frame

Do you want to see the benefits?

  • Standard frames

    Up to 3x the optimal correction area

    Large or wrap frames

    Up to 8x the optimal correction area

    Lenses calculated with Digital Ray-Path® 2 Technology provide a larger area of optimal correction for the wearer.

Precise focus in the accommodative object space

Digital Ray-Path® 2 considers the accommodative object space, the volume defined by the points within the clear visual range, for each direction of gaze.

Incorporating wearer accommodation

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation is the natural abilty to focus at different distances. Accommodation capacity changes with age, but there is always some that is preserved. In real life, wearers are constantly using their accommodation, to adjust focus at all distances.

Minimization of oblique aberrations with Digital Ray-Path® 2

Digital Ray-Path® 2 mathematical methods take advantage of the natural ability of the visual system to compensate for a portion of the spherical component of oblique aberration. Digital Ray-Path® 2 considers small power adjustments wearers can naturally make at each fixation point. Oblique aberrations are minimized, in a more effective way, offering wearers impeccable visual quality.

About oblique aberrations

  • Oblique aberrations

    Oblique aberrations are focusing errors, including astigmatic errors, that are experienced by wearers when looking away from the center of their lens.