Photochromic lenses

Neochromes Dynamic®
Photochromic Lenses

A leap forward in photochromic technology: Neochromes Dynamic® premium photochromic lenses fade back to clear up to twice as fast as existing products.

Product Brochure

Neochromes Dynamic® photochromic lenses fill a performance gap by offering superior fade-back speed without sacrificing darkness outdoors or transparency indoors. They darken quickly outside in sunlight and fade-back to clear up to twice as fast as other photochromic lenses. Neochromes Dynamic® lenses allow the wearer to see comfortably inside and out, providing functionality and comfort. Neochromes Dynamic® lenses are a high-value choice for laboratories that wish to offer an advanced, differentiated product that sets them apart from competitors.

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly darkens in sunlight
  • Changes to clear two times faster than other products
  • Exceptional photochromic performance
  • Blocks 100% UVA & UVB light
  • Great filtering against high energy blue light
  • Good looking indoors and out
  • Wide range of all popular materials
  • Available in gray and brown